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If you are on the lookout for locally made Santa Fe cabinets from a great Santa Fe cabinet company you are in luck!

Cabinets Santa Fe is a reputable company that has been helping customers purchase quality cabinets for years. Contact us today and ask about our free consultation!

Welcome to Cabinets Santa Fe! We are your local cabinet designer bringing you some of the highest quality products of all the cabinet companies in Santa Fe.

Our mission is to produce high-quality yet affordable cabinets Santa Fe residents have loved for years. We also offer a variety of services to assist our customers with any of their current cabinet projects they are beginning.

Whether you need kitchen cabinets for Santa Fe apartments, bathroom cabinets, or cabinet refacing in Santa Fe we can help you with your project.

As you begin your process you will most likely have questions you need to be answered before you can begin. Questions like where can I find quality cabinets near me, who designs custom cabinets near me, who installs the best kitchen cabinets near me, or what is the cost of kitchen cabinets.

Cabinets Santa Fe can help you to answer all of these questions and so much more! Your first step is to contact us to schedule your free consultation. We can then answer questions about your custom cabinets, and cabinet installation in Santa Fe.

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About Cabinets Santa Fe

Our company has been assisting customers for years with their cabinet projects. Not only are we very good at what we do, but we love it too!

Our team is passionate about making sure your cabinets are always of high quality and are able to have your needs met. This can be achieved sometimes by simply answering questions, assisting in designs for custom cabinets in Santa Fe, or by offering the variety of services we do.

Whether you need locally made Santa Fe custom cabinets, kitchen cabinets, or a pantry cabinet our team can offer a service to help you get it done.

We offer our free consultation as just one more way to help our customers. During the consultation, we can help you by answering questions you may have. We can also help you by discussing options and samples of products with you.

If you are still unsure of the type of cabinets you like we can absolutely offer opinions as to what may look best in your home. Whether you may want a specific type of wood or style of cabinets.

Why Choose Us?

Cabinets Santa Fe has been committed to bringing its customers quality products and services for years while never lowering our standards.

Our company also strives to keep our prices competitive as just one more way to serve our customers. We do not want to outrageously overcharge but do not want to undercharge and cut corners on quality either.

Some companies may offer a very high-quality product. But they, unfortunately, decide to raise their prices to extremely high costs. This can leave some customers questioning if the purchase was worth the cost. This is not a feeling we want our customers to experience while working with us.

Other companies may offer unbelievably cheap cabinets in Santa Fe for what seems like an absolute bargain. Unfortunately, customers soon learn that the cost had to be made up in another area. This could be something like cheap labor or cheaper materials.

In the end, those cheap materials can wear down quickly over time causing customers to once again need to replace their cabinets or pay expensive repairs. The best option is to pay a slightly higher cost initially and save on issues in the future.

Cabinets Santa Fe strives to keep a balance between these two extremes. We offer competitive prices as a way to help our customers as they are looking at the overall cost of their custom cabinets.

We also charge higher than other companies because we want you to know that the materials you are getting are very high-quality. They will stand the test of time and the employee installing them is a professional in every way!

So if you want the very best cabinets for your home or new construction project your best option is to hire Cabinets Santa Fe. We will schedule you for your free consultation, give you a fair price, offer great customer service, and leave you with a quality product you are sure to love.

What to Expect

When you first meet with us for your consultation the first discussion will revolve around your project. We will want to know what type of cabinets you need. Are you looking for bathroom or kitchen cabinets? Do you already have a style in mind or a preference?

We will also want to discuss the budget at length to decide which options and style will suit your needs. If you have a price range in mind are you willing or able to raise the cost if needed? There may be certain materials such as types of wood that are more costly than others. So if you have your mindset on a specific type of wood this may change the price of your cabinets overall.

We will then take you to the floor and show you displays and samples of cabinets, wood, molding, handles, and more. This is where we will really begin to have fun as we piece together exactly what your cabinets will be looking like. This will also be a great time to try to match colors and tones and really bring out the style of kitchen you are wanting.

Later, we will want to come to visit the job site and take measurements. We will want to also view the current locations of plumbing and electrical. If this is a new construction site then we will let you know the best timing for us to visit and take measurements, and exactly when we will want to have them installed.

Finally, will come the time when we finish building your cabinets and will soon come to install them. After a short time of installation, you will be enjoying the look and utilization of your brand new custom cabinets.


Kitchen Cabinets

The best kitchen cabinets Santa Fe can offer are here for you! We can help you design your custom kitchen cabinets regardless of the style you are looking for. If you need white kitchen cabinets, modern kitchen cabinets, or grey kitchen cabinets our team has a solution for you. So if you want the best locally made Santa Fe kitchen cabinets contact us today!

Bathroom Cabinets

Let’s face it, you need your bathroom cabinets from Santa Fe cabinet companies to last! So that is why we have a service to bring you quality bathroom cabinets too. If you need white cabinets or a specific type of wood cabinets for your bathroom our team has helped make it possible for many satisfied customers. So if you want quality bathroom cabinets in Santa Fe call us today!

Custom Cabinets

When you decide you need quality custom cabinets in Santa Fe NM you need the best. We can help you design your very own kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets from countless options of materials and products.

Discount Cabinets

We love saving our customers money whenever possible. So we offer our discount cabinets service as a way to make that a reality. Call us today and ask about sales and promotions for our discount cabinets Santa Fe can depend on.

Cabinet Refacing

Want new cabinets but can’t commit financially quite yet? We have another option for you. Consider our cabinet refacing service. We can visit your home and remove your old faces of your doors and drawers, and replace them to make your cabinets look brand new! Enjoy the feel of brand new locally made Santa Fe cabinets without having to buy them brand new! So if you want the best cabinet refacing Santa Fe can offer, call us today.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

You may be wondering about cabinets for your outdoor cooking area. But because of the weather, it seems impossible to have outdoor kitchen cabinets in Santa Fe NM. This is not true! The materials we use to build and install your cabinets can stand up to harsh weather conditions rain or shine giving you that extra space and custom look you can enjoy for your outdoor kitchen. If you want quality outdoor kitchen cabinets in Santa Fe we are the company for you.

About Santa Fe

Santa Fe is New Mexico’s capital and rests in the Sangre de Cristo foothills. Founded as a Spanish colony in 1610, it is known for its pueblo-style architecture and also as a creative arts hotbed. You can visit the Palace of the Governors which is now home to the New Mexico History Museum.

The current unemployment rate is 4.5% while the national average is 3.7%. The current sales tax rate is 8.4% while the national average is 6.2%.

Surrounding cities include:

  • Espanola
  • Santa Cruz
  • Chimayo
  • Pecos
  • Glorietta
  • Tesuque
  • Truchas
  • Cordova
  • And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be an extra charge for visiting my home?

No there won’t be because we actually offer a visit to your home as part of the free consultation process. When we visit we will take measurements of the job site.

Can you remove my old cabinets for me?

We can absolutely remove your old cabinets for you. Please note that there is an additional fee applied when we remove your old cabinets so let us know during your consultation. This way we can offer you the proper quote from the beginning.

Will custom cabinets mean more money spent?

Designing custom cabinets does not have to mean spending more money at all. Depending on the kind of material you choose you can actually spend the same as you planned. The costs will go up more depending on specific materials such as wood.

Customer Testimonials

Cabinets Santa Fe was great! They really helped me design the perfect cabinets for my kitchen. I have much more shelf space than I did before and it makes my kitchen feel new without a complete remodel!

Howie T.

I could not wait to finally have cabinets installed in my bathroom as opposed to only having a sink as we did before. The cabinets turned out amazing and we are really enjoying having places to store our bathroom items. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Stanley U.

I didn’t know that cabinet refacing was even a thing until we began our free consultation. I told them what I was looking for and why and they offered this service to me as a way to save money. I’m so glad I listened to them. My cabinets feel brand new and I got to save a ton of money on them. Thank you so much Cabinets Santa Fe!

Autumn C.

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When you are ready to begin your new project our company is the one to call! We have a service to help you and the professional experience to back up our claims.

So call Cabinets Santa Fe today and schedule your free consultation. Together we will begin the designs on your brand new custom cabinets that you can enjoy for years to come.

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